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M2M Spectrum Networks to build first US dedicated IoT network

Iain Morris
April 9, 2014

A recently formed company calling itself M2M Spectrum Networks has unveiled plans to build and operate what it says will be the first licensed dedicated M2M network across the US.

Founded last year by entrepreneurs Barclay Knapp and Carole Downs, M2M Spectrum Networks (Phoenix, AZ, USA) says the rollout of its network will occur in “multiple phases”, with trials scheduled to begin in the second quarter of the year.

However, Knapp and Downs expect the network to cover 75% of the US population by the end of 2015 and 95% by the end of 2016.

The company claims to have “creatively sourced” licensed radio spectrum for the building of a nationwide network that will be tailor-made for M2M applications.

“Our innovative technology offers a timely and highly cost-effective way to deliver M2M solutions that fit customers’ needs across the Internet of Things (IoT),” stated Barclay Knapp, the chief executive officer of M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC.

“We will be offering our customers a game-changing network, purpose-built and optimized solely for M2M applications, with innovations in provisioning, monitoring, pricing and other dimensions not yet seen in the marketplace,” added Knapp. “Ours is the M2M network customers can count on for the long term.”

M2M Spectrum Networks already claims to have established a number of strategic partnerships with major players – including Commdex (Norcross, GA, USA), Crown Castle (Canonsburg, PA, USA), Raveon (Carlsbad, CA, USA), TrueNet (Jacksonville, FL, USA) and 4G Unwired (Indialantic, FL, USA) – which should help it speed up the deployment of its network.

When finished, the infrastructure should support applications in the areas of security and alarm monitoring, smart grids, fleet vehicle dispatch, location and route optimization and machine monitoring, among others.

The company’s network will be based on a proprietary system it calls Machine Data Network Architecture, which – it says – will provide “seamless interfaces” to existing M2M applications, application providers and MVNOs.

Knapp was previously the co-founder and president of Cellular One, sold to Airtouch (now Verizon (New York City, NY, USA)) in 1996, while Downs was a co-founder of Arizona’s Smartcomm, which says it specializes in the acquisition and development of FCC spectrum licences.

M2M Spectrum Networks is one of several companies to have recently emerged that are aiming to provide an alternative to traditional telecoms players in the M2M space.

They include UK-based Senaptic (Cambridge), which is developing a wireless technology it calls ultra narrow band optimized for M2M applications, and France’s Sigfox, which has recently flagged service deployments in Spain and Russia.
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