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TeleHealth International Partnership aims for global telehealth access

Iain Morris
March 26, 2014

A group of telehealth and scientific experts has come together to form a new telehealth company calling itself the TeleHealth International Partnership (TIP).

The TIP (Atlanta, GA, USA) says its mission will be to deliver worldwide access to healthcare through the innovative use of technology, including telemedicine and health information exchange.

The company’s founding members include a number of recognized experts in the telehealth area, including Jay Sanders, the former president of the American Telemedicine Association (Washington, DC, USA), and Paula Guy, the chief executive of the Global Partnership for TeleHealth.

The TIP says Guy was instrumental in bringing together various experts and has already launched several of the “most robust telemedicine organizations in the world”.

Sanders will serve as the TIP’s chairman, with Guy assuming the role of chief executive.

“It has been my vision to bring together a team of this caliber that the industry has yet to see,” said Guy.

The TIP already claims to have adopted various e-clinical-enabled platforms that will support customization, interoperability and portability.

“It’s not about the technology any longer,” said Jeff Kesler, the TIP’s chief operating officer. “Telehealth is the application of technology and comprehensive services that make a program successful.”

The TIP says it will make use of the latest technologies to develop a “care continuum” that will differ from anything else in the market.

The group also says its experience is unparalleled, encompassing hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, correctional facilities, emergency departments, trauma centers, stroke centers, primary care physicians, child advocacy groups and continuing education on all levels.

It also says its network currently has more than 300 patient locations and more than 200 specialists and healthcare providers representing over 40 specialties.

The TIP has affiliations with a number of other healthcare organizations, thanks partly to the involvement of its founder members in those groups, and has also flagged partnerships with groups in Guatemala, Zambia, China, Haiti and the US British Virgin Islands.

“These initiatives support innovation in health, healthcare delivery efforts, education, and the distribution of health information,” it said. ”TIP is adding value in a new global health movement.”
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