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Rand McNally to make Drivewyze available on fleet-management devices

Iain Morris
March 26, 2014

Rand McNally says it has enhanced its fleet-management service through a deal with Drivewyze that will help commercial truck drivers to bypass weigh stations.
The Drivewyze (Edmonton, Canada) PreClear service allows drivers to clear weigh station requirements before reaching the location, and Rand McNally (Skokie, IL, USA) is to make that service available on its suite of mobile fleet-management devices.
The technology works by communicating safety-related data in real-time as a truck approaches a weigh station.
Assuming that trucks are not flagged for service, safety or tax liability issues, the driver may be given a bypass and allowed to proceed along his or her route.
The feature has helped to reduce weigh station overcrowding and save drivers time, fuel and money.
Indeed, according to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, each bypass saves a fleet approximately $8.68.
Rand McNally says that fleet or owner operators using the Drivewyze service on average receive a 50% bypass rate, with the safest fleets achieving a 98% bypass rate.
“We continue to seek market-leading technology partners to extend the value proposition of our mobile communications devices,” said Jim Rodi, the senior vice president of the mobile communications group at Rand McNally. “The Drivewyze PreClear system drives efficiencies for our customers as well as the entire transportation infrastructure by allowing compliant vehicles to reduce unnecessary time spent at weigh stations.”
Drivewyze notifies drivers two miles before they reach a weigh station or inspection site and informs them whether they can bypass the site or must pull into the station a mile ahead of the location.
As a result, state inspectors can focus their attention on potentially hazardous fleets and drivers while allowing those who are compliant to proceed to their destinations.
“Drivewyze PreClear is the first weigh station bypass solution that directly integrates with existing in-vehicle technology,” said Brian Health, the president and chief executive of Drivewyze. “There's no need to deal with the hassles of additional hardware.”
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