Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Xchanging invests in MachineShop to fuel IoT development

Iain Morris
March 26, 2014

Technology services provider Xchanging has made a $1 million investment in enterprise middleware provider MachineShop aimed at supporting product development and sales and marketing activity in the Internet of Things (IoT) area.

Xchanging (London, UK) says it has partnered with MachineShop (Boston, MA, USA) since January 2013, but is keen to “penetrate the burgeoning IoT market further”.

The company claims to provide M2M services in a variety of sectors, citing its work in the real-estate market, where it is providing software, network management services and analytic requirements to improve building energy efficiency for an unnamed commercial property and real-estate services advisor.

“Our long-term partnership with, and now direct investment in, MachineShop represents an important piece of Xchanging’s IoT solutions,” said Andrew Binns, the executive director of Xchanging. “MachineShop is a unique provider and helps Xchanging bring a differentiated and comprehensive solution to market.”

Describing MachineShop as a horizontal provider of next-generation enterprise middleware, Xchanging says the company’s products complement its own IoT offerings and will allow it to enter into new industry beyond its current four target areas of real estate, utilities, logistics and automotive.

Xchanging and MachineShop have already developed services for customers including Diebold, a financial services company, and CSR, which designs and develops silicon and software for the consumer electronics market.
Xchanging said both those companies were making similar investments in MachineShop.

“Our partnership and collaborative customer work with Xchanging has been key to our development,” said Michael Campbell, the chief executive of MachineShop. “Our respective cultures of innovation and intelligent application of advanced technology fit very well, and we are excited to have cemented our relationship in this way.”

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