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TeliaSonera pilots M2M services with PostNord

Iain Morris
March 26, 2014

Swedish telecoms incumbent TeliaSonera says it will support M2M connectivity in vans operated by mail-delivery company PostNord, with the aim of developing new fleet-management services based on the experience.

The pilot wills see TeliaSonera (Stockholm, Sweden) install its M2M technology in 20 mail-delivery vans in Stockholm, allowing PostNord (Stockholm, Sweden) to benefit from a range of fleet-management services.

Fleet managers at PostNord will be able to see if drivers are running out or fuel or if there are mechanical problems with vans, and make alterations to schedules to improve the efficiency of the service.

According to a statement from TeliaSonera, the project is to receive backing from Swedish government agency VINNOVA – which supports innovation in the country – as well as fleet-management specialist Springworks.

TeliaSonera says its partnership with PostNord includes the establishment of an “innovation forum” whose goal is to look at new ways of exploiting M2M technology.

“Previously we gathered all the data manually, but now we are going to get access to it automatically via the 3G network,” said Peter Brannstrom, a production manager at PostNord. “That we can follow the cars over time and compile all the data helps us plan postal routes, meaning we can streamline our approach and provide a better service to customers.”

Brannstrom sees a number of additional applications for the M2M technology – expressing interest in a service that would allow PostNord vehicles to notify customers of their imminent arrival by means of automatic text messaging.

TeliaSonera says the data collected from PostNord vehicles will be used to update maps of measure mobile coverage in different locations, and that it could also have value to local authorities and other organizations.

“The cooperation between Telia and PostNord is a great example of how innovation works in M2M,” said Hans Dahlberg, the head of TeliaSonera Global M2M Services. “Companies are connecting parts of their operations to improve the efficiency of existing processes.”
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