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Wireless Logic overhauls SIMPro platform

Iain Morris
March 23, 2014

Managed services player Wireless Logic says it has carried out a “major overhaul” of its SIMPro platform, which allows users to remotely control a range of activities through SIM-connected devices.

Besides mainstream features like provisioning, tariff selection and personalized billing, the new platform supports applications including activation profile settings – allowing devices to be developed and configured directly on to new SIMs.

The company says this is especially important because configuration of SIMs to specific profiling can be a very time-consuming process.

Combined with use of Wireless Logic’s (Beaconsfield, UK) private network, the SIMPro service allows customers to monitor real-time data use and take steps if devices demonstrate unusual patterns of activity.

Wireless Logic claims SIMPro already monitors in excess of one million SIM-enabled devices, supporting applications in areas including traffic cameras, vehicle tracking, e-health patient monitoring and vending machines.

“The major changes across our provisioning platform have resulted from a significant customer engagement program to identify areas for improvement,” said Philip Cole, Wireless Logic’s European sales director. “The latest incarnation of SIMPro is a complete re-development of previous versions with a greater emphasis on the customer experience.”

“It works equally as well with multiple SIM estates as well as smaller scale deployments where real-time monitoring of high-data use SIMs is vital,” he added.
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