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Numerex upgrades smart-irrigation system for ETwater

Iain Morris
March 23, 2014

Numerex says it has completed its deployment of M2M technology for ETwater, which has developed an innovative “smart irrigation” service allowing customers to save on water usage.

The technology upgrade carried out by Numerex (Atlanta, GA, USA) involved the use of the M2M player’s FAST-branded cloud service and the introduction of a web-based management portal.

Numerex claims the use of FAST will allow ETwater (Novato, CA, USA) to provide faster and more reliable wireless connectivity and help ETwater’s customers to boost return on investment.

ETwater’s service combines local weather data with cellular smart controllers to provide optimal daily watering schedules, allowing customers to reduce water consumption by between 20% and 50%.

Thanks to the modifications that Numerex has recently carried out, ETwater’s customers can now benefit from a faster user interface, rapid irrigation schedule updates and better synchronization with systems that provide weather data and other information.

Using the technology, ETwater can also carry out over‑the‑air updates faster than was previously possible, meaning it can provide customers with the latest features and functionalities without having to dispatch technicians to carry out the work.

“We are proud to partner with technology companies like ETwater to help them deliver innovative products and the latest in M2M technologies to their customers,” said Scott Wiley, the senior vice president of marketing and product management for ETwater. “The decision to migrate to next-generation network and application technology can be a daunting task for any customer, but it is one that Numerex is adept at delivering.”

Lee Williams, ETwater’s senior vice president of products, said it was delighted with the results of the upgrade.

“Numerex has gone out of their way to provide us with technical support resources, and to help streamline implementation efforts,” he said. “Furthermore, they worked with us on the business side to provide an upgrade path, and they keep us updated on the status of their relationships with their network service partners.”

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