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Kore to support connectivity for Taiwan's ATrack

Iain Morris
March 23, 2014

Kore Wireless has begun offering network services to customers of Taiwan’s ATrack following the establishment of a new agreement between the MVNO and telematics hardware player.

The tie-up will give ATrack (Taipei, Taiwan) customers access to Kore’s (Alpharetta, GA, USA) network facilities in more than 150 countries thanks to the US company’s range of partnerships with network operators around the world.

ATrack customers will also benefit from being able to use the Kore M2M Starter Kit – which includes SIM cards as well as data-usage and SMS allocations for testing hardware on the Kore M2M network.

“With providers like ATrack, finding a quality telematics device is now easier than ever before,” said Shane Murphy, the vice president and general manager of Kore Wireless Asia Pacific. “It is very complex and time consuming to create relationships with local network operators in every country you want to deploy in.”

“By partnering with Kore, ATrack can now provide its customers with a single SIM that will work in multiple countries, across multiple carriers and get them connected instantly,” he added.

The deal comes with Kore trying to establish itself in the Asia Pacific market, which it expects to be the fastest-growing region for M2M services over the next five years.

Kore says its goal is to partner with a range of device and application providers across the region.

ATrack has historically focused on providing hardware, according to Kore’s statement, which makes the agreement with the MVNO something of a dramatic move for the company.

“Our customers are still free to select their own network when they use our hardware,” said Frank Tang, ATrack’s chief executive. “However, what we are doing with this partnership is allowing those customers who don’t have an existing relationship or want to deploy using the power of a dedicated M2M network provider with easy, quick access to test their new device on one of the world’s largest M2M networks free of charge.”
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