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Mobily to launch M2M services in Saudi Arabia

Iain Morris
March 11, 2014

Saudi Arabian telecoms operator Mobily says it has launched a range of M2M services in the country in partnership with Jasper Wireless.

The operator – a subsidiary of the UAE’s Etisalat (Abu Dhabi) – said it was responding to soaring demand for M2M services in the region, with forecasts from Visiongain indicating there will be 119.7 million M2M connections in the Middle East by the end of 2016.

Mobily (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) cites interest from businesses in a range of sectors, including the construction industry, the utilities sector and among organizations deploying mobile health and connected-vehicles services.

Using the M2M platform developed by Jasper Wireless (Mountain View, CA, USA), Mobily believes it is ideally placed to become a leading M2M player in the Saudi Arabian market.

“Working across such a range of vertical markets, from automotive and healthcare to construction and utilities, requires a level of flexibility and scalability that only a cloud-based platform can deliver," said Marwan Al Ahmadi, Mobily’s chief business officer. “The Jasper IoT platform not only delivers all this, but also the added benefit of a network-effect, giving us access to enterprise customers already live and delivering M2M services and our customers the ability to reach global markets with one platform.”

Mobily claims to serve about 40% of the Saudi Arabian telecoms market, which puts it in a strong position from which to expand its offerings into the M2M area.

Etisalat indicated that the deployment and launch of M2M in Saudi Arabia would be aligned with its Group strategy of creating synergies between its various subsidiaries, suggesting Mobily will look to offer Saudi Arabian customers a cross-border service, which could be invaluable in areas such as fleet management.

Etisalat already uses services from Jasper Wireless in other markets and in February 2013 became a member of the M2M World Alliance – a association of operators using the Jasper Wireless platform and hoping to spur M2M development through pooling their resources.

“Working across multiple markets, the cloud-based delivery model is critical to Mobily’s ability to quickly launch commercial services and capitalize on the rapid growth potential in the market,” said Cindy Patterson, Jasper’s chief revenue officer.

“Mobily is well placed now with the necessary applications and services to accelerate its offerings to businesses looking to exploit the growth in IoT services globally.”
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