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CeBIT 2014: Telefonica and Software AG tout M2M partnership

Iain Morris

March 11, 2014

Telefonica Germany and Software AG are claiming to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for M2M services, meaning customers can obtain everything they need from a single point of contact and speed up their M2M deployments.

Showing off their joint solutions at this week’s CeBIT IT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany, Telefonica and Software AG (Darmstadt, Germany) said their M2M partnership would offer connectivity, hardware, applications and hosting to customers in a range of industries.

“With Smart Business Solutions, our customers can run their internal and external processes, procedures, and applications much more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Kai Brasche, the vice president of M2M at Telefonica Germany (Munich, Germany). “Due to this, cost-intensive or long IT projects are no longer necessary.”

The language used is remarkably similar to that from German incumbent Deutsche Telekom, which is also showcasing M2M services at CeBIT and unveiled plans to target German SMEs with a range of standardized IT services – including M2M products – when publishing financial results last week.

With Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica going head-to-head for M2M business, competition could rapidly develop in what is already a fast-growing market.

Telefonica says it has begun providing its Smart Business Solutions to Peter Berghaus, a German provider of traffic technology, which is using the service to locate construction site lights via the internet and retrieve data about operating conditions in real time.
“Today, we are able to offer our customers an ideal solution consisting of hardware and software in order to being able to monitor their construction site lights they bought from us,” said Ralf Gressler, the managing director of Peter Berghaus. “Due to this, the reaction time in case of a malfunction of the traffic lights can be reduced eminently.”

“Necessary maintenance trips can also be optimized by the new system,” he added.

Telefonica says its Smart Business Solutions are aimed at a range of applications, from vending machines and construction site lights to cooling containers, and distinguish themselves through extremely low implementation costs.
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