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HCC Embedded launches new smart-meter file system

Iain Morris
February 25, 2014

Middleware supplier HCC Embedded has launched a new smart-meter file system (SMFS) designed to reduce power consumption and lower costs.

The company says its technology cuts down on expenses because it allows the on-board capacitor to be as small as possible, and that its file-system features can result in savings of many “cents” for each meter.

That could lead to significant savings in high volume manufacture, says HCC Embedded.

The software requires less than 15KB of program memory and less than 1.5KB of RAM on most 32-bit microcontroller units, says HCC Embedded (New York City, NY, USA).

According to the company, metering applications work with well-defined records that are more suited to a database approach, while general-purpose file systems do not have “cyclic buffer logic” for storing records – which can add complexity to applications.

It uses a so-called structured database to reduce this complexity and improve system performance in terms of speed, power consumption and flash life.

Key features include fail-safe data storage, persistent data storage for 15 years or more, and minimal power consumption.

HCC Embedded says its SMFS is available immediately for a range of 16- and 32-bit microcontroller units and that it can easily be integrated with any toolchain or development board.
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