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Kore and B&B unveil router service for industrial M2M applications

Iain Morris

March 6, 2014

Kore Telematics and B&B Electronics have unveiled a new M2M service that is aimed at allowing customers to develop fully connected industrial M2M applications more quickly and conveniently.

The networking player and MVNO have taken the wraps off an M2M-enabled cellular router that comes prepackaged with GSM or CDMA data connectivity options.

Branded Spectre, the router is being made available through a three-month promotional data plan from Kore (Alpharetta, GA, USA) and targeted at companies looking for industrial M2M monitoring and control applications.

The companies say their offer has been developed specifically to help network engineers “jump-start” their industrial M2M application development efforts, and will enable users to deploy solutions without having to commit to a data-services contract.

“We’ve found that industrial customers want an ‘easy button’ when activating and connecting their cellular M2M devices, similar to the experience consumers have at the local cellular store when connecting their mobile phones,” said Gerald Niemi, the product manager of B&B Electronics (Ottawa, IL, USA). “It’s our goal to work with MVNO partners like Kore who specialize in M2M connectivity to make that easy button a reality.”

Kore notes that the Spectre router is able to take full advantage of its “multi-technology capabilities”.

“With one connection to Kore, customers can evaluate which technology to choose, GSM or CDMA, based on the specific demands of their application, such as coverage requrements and data usage, and change networks if the need should arise,” said Robert Metzler, the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Kore. “This provides the ultimate insurance against changes in coverage or underlying network technologies, while accelerating time-to-market for new M2M applications.”
The service is priced at $29 a month for a usage allowance of 1GB or $49 for a 5GB allowance.

It also comes with Kore’s business management platform, a web portal for managing device inventory and rate plans.

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