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Access to patient info tops mobile-health benefits: HIMSS Analytics

Iain Morris
March 5, 2014

Healthcare providers rate increased access to patient information and the ability to view data from a remote location as the top benefits of mobile health technology, according to a new survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics.

Funding limitations came top of the list of barriers to the use of mobile health, while many providers indicated they were at an early stage of adopting and implementing the technology.

Some 69% said they used a mobile device to view patient information, for instance, but just 36% used mobile technologies to collect data at the bedside.

“The mobile health market is one of the fastest growing areas in the health IT space,” said David Collins, a senior director at HIMSS Analytics. “We recognize the growing importance of mobile technologies and its impact to transform the delivery of patient care.”

“The survey reflects mobile technology as a transformational tool, as demonstrated by nearly all of the respondents supplying mobile technology to clinicians,” he added. “This is a great example of how providers are integrating mobile health into today’s healthcare workflows [but] there is still work to be done by formally embracing mobile implementation strategies and measuring return on investment.”

Among other key findings of the survey were that clinicians are most likely to use technology to support patient care by looking up patient information or looking up non-PHI (personal health information), and that pharmacy management topped providers’ lists as the most likely use of mobile technologies for the second year running.

Moreover, 62% of respondents indicated that they offer patients access to at least one of the mobile tools identified in the research, including patient portals, telehealth services and remote-monitoring devices.

However, just half formally measure return on investment related to their mobile technology investments, and a mere third evaluate the total cost of ownership as it relates to their mobile strategy.

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