Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Gemalto provides connectivity for Vignet's smart-health hub

Iain Morris
March 5, 2014

M2M player Gemalto has revealed it is providing wireless connectivity for a next-generation “smart health and wellness” hub developed by Vignet.

The hub works by consolidating information from medical sensors – using a cloud-based server that converts the data into “easy-to-understand insights”.

Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands) is supplying 3G and 4G modules for the hub, allowing data to be sent over cellular networks so that healthcare providers can deliver remote care to patients.

Vignet (Fairfax, VA, USA) says the technology is fully compliant with US privacy regulations, ensuring that patient information can be accessed only by authorized individuals.

According to Gemalto, the hub will send alarm notifications to healthcare providers if mediation is missed or readings about a patient’s health suggest there may be a problem.

It can be set up to collect data from various sensors and devices, including pedometers, electrocardiogram patches, sleep sensors, weighing scales and blood-glucose devices.

Gemalto says it will provide a dashboard view of someone’s overall health status to authorized caregivers.

“Vignet and Gemalto are at the center of the Internet of Things with innovations in remote patient monitoring that can reduce hospital re-admission, the duration of hospitalization, or the number of clinical visits for a more comfort-oriented healthcare experience,” said Paul Kobos, the head of M2M for Gemalto North America. “The growing aging population and an increase in chronic conditions are pushing healthcare systems to their limits, highlighting the need for modern solutions like the Vignet hub that provide superior efficient management.”

According to studies from Juniper Research, remote patient-monitoring solutions could save healthcare providers up to $36 billion by 2018.

“Gemalto is leading the industry in enabling an end-to-end infrastructure that can handle disparate data and groups across the health and wellness landscape,” said Praduman Jain, the chief executive Vignet Corp. “The M2M solution’s connectivity across any network is crucial to addressing global needs such as extending physician oversight and medical care delivery to rural areas, and hard to reach populations.”
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