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Sales of connected health devices growing strongly in Europe: GfK

Iain Morris
February 26, 2014

Sales of mobile connected health devices – such as blood pressure monitors and personal weighing scales – are taking off in Europe, according to new data from GfK.

The market-research company said sales of mobile-connected blood pressure monitors in Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands were 42% higher last year than in 2012.

Meanwhile, sales of connected personal weighing scales were up by 88%.

Despite the growth, however, connected devices still account for only small percentage of the overall market, making up just 5.5% of the total value of blood pressure monitors sold across these countries – up from 3.7% in 2012 – and 3.3% of personal scales – up from 1.8% in 2012.

In individual markets, the situation is sometimes more encouraging, however.

In Germany, for instance, connected personal scales already represent 6.3% of total market value, while in the Netherlands the figure is 12.1%.

In France, moreover, connected blood pressure monitors account for 17.4% of market value.

“Consumers are willing to pay around €100 more for a connected personal scale and €50 more for a connected blood pressure monitor, compared to the non-connected models,” said Udo Jansen, a global director at GfK. “With 2014 being the year of ‘mobile health’ as well as wearable technology devices, the popular media buzz around these topics is likely to have a positive effect on consumers’ awareness of the potential benefits on offer.”

“Consumers today expect to receive immediate answers and information just by running a quick check through their smartphone or tablet,” he added. “Fitness Trackers in this context represent the next big trend, as we are currently experiencing.”
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