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Elster upgrades meter-management service for utilities

Iain Morris
February 15, 2014

Energy-management specialist Elster has launched an update to its meter data collection (MDC) and meter data management (MDM) solution for utilities, aimed at accommodating new smart grid applications and market needs.

The company said its ElServer version 9.1 would provide customers with high-performance and cost-effective scaling for residential and commercial and industrial (C&) deployments.

It also said the platform included support for core MDC and MDM industry standards and would allow utilities to choose the integration model that best fits their needs.

Because more utilities are piloting applications like prepayment smart meters, electric vehicle charging solutions and cloud-hosted platforms, meter data volumes are rising and use cases are becoming more complex, said Elster (Essen, Germany).

Version 9.1 of its platform features extended device management options and allows utilities to load multiple profiles from meters, simplifying management and ensuring compatibility with multi-vendor environments and security models.
An enhanced web portal now incorporates standard key performance indicators for data collection, validation and exception-based reporting, allowing utilities to lower operational costs and bolster efficiency.

“Elster’s EIServer version 9.1 has been designed specifically to support utilities needing to meet new market demands as smart metering rollouts gather pace across Europe and worldwide,” says Dimitri Degraeve, the head of product management software and services for Elster.

“In the residential and C&I metering environments, use cases will become more complex and demand high performance and scalability,” he added. “EIServer addresses these challenges by providing a simple and scalable system for managing different device types simultaneously and accommodating multi-vendor performance while enabling utilities to move towards a common information model.”

ElServer is available as a cloud-hosted solution or an on-premise one and includes enterprise integration standards to ensure interoperability between different utility systems.

“Utilities choose Elster’s EIServer for the cost and efficiency benefits a vertically-integrated MDC-MDM platform delivers, the flexibility it gives in terms of integrating seamlessly with existing business processes, and its scalability in handling large volumes of devices and data,” continues Degraeve.

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