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Leidos to deploy another 20,000 smart meters for United Power

Iain Morris
February 15, 2014

Technology player Leidos has extended its contract to provide smart-metering services to United Power for another ten years.

The contract extension will see Leidos (Reston, VA, USA) deploy another 20,000 meters to support the utility’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project.

A rural electric cooperative, United Power (Brighton, CO, USA) provides service to nearly 70,000 homes and businesses in Colorado.

The second phase of the smart-meter rollout will use Leidos’ smart-grid-as-a-service (SGS) technology and get under way in October 2013.

SGS is described as an integrated hardware and software solution that provides AMI, outage alerts and analysis, remote disconnect and connect capabilities, time of use and net metering, as well as analytic and predictive capabilities.
Leidos is also helping United Power to refine its business processes and drive “the cultural change necessary to fully derive the benefits of SGS”.

Leidos aims to complete rollout by September 2014 and says this phase will build on the success of the pilot project.

“Leidos’ SGS solution has allowed United Power to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies, and proceed with the AMI deployment,” said Ron Asche, the chief executive of United Power. “The analytical capabilities of SGS are enabling us to better understand our infrastructure and proactively address potential problems.”

United Power said Leidos had already delivered tangible benefits and helped it to identify new areas where it could make efficiency improvements.

“Part of what made the pilot project successful was that fact that Leidos staff were on-site working as part of our team every step of the way,” said Mitzi Rea, manager of information services at United Power.

Leidos says the United Power experience should prove to other utilities that there is an economical way to navigate the grow menu of advanced meting options.

"SGS allows United Power and other utilities to avoid large, up-front investments and to gradually upgrade their systems on their desired schedule,” said James Baxter, Leidos’ senior vice president for energy solutions. “We offer a solution that doesn't require raising customer rates to pay for the latest technology.”
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