Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

AT&T launches managed data service for developers

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015
At the 2015 AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas this week, AT&T announced the commercial availability of the M2X Data Service, its first internet of things managed service for developers, as well as design tools aimed at making it easier for enterprise developers to create IoT products.
Enterprise customers can now purchase commercial plans for the M2X Data Service, a carrier-grade cloud-based data store that makes it easier to collect, analyse and share time-series data from connected devices.
“In the industrial IoT world, connecting devices and machines to the internet only has value if you can effectively store, analyse and leverage the data that are being transmitted,” said Mike Troiano, vice president at AT&T Mobility. “Our M2X Data Service allows businesses of all sizes to manage and better utilise the data they collect from connected devices.”
Since launching last year in beta, several companies have begun integrating and using the M2X Data Service. For example, Emerson and its partner Manitowoc Foodservice are working with AT&T to bring customers capabilities based on the data service, including a commercial kitchen proof of concept shown during the summit keynote.
Rockwell Automation and AT&T are collaborating to deliver cellular systems that help Rockwell customers securely collect, manage and take action on data from industrial equipment in plants and remote sites around the globe.
The Ericsson Service Innovation Framework is now integrated with the data service. The two companies are also working on future integration between Ericsson’s VEN (virtualised enterprise network) and AT&T’s next generation of IoT services.
Samsung and AT&T are creating a TiZen device library for the data service so developers can easily store and use time-series data collected from applications on the Samsung Gear S Watch and other TiZen based wearables.
AT&T and Wipro are jointly developing and delivering next-generation IoT products to enterprise customers. Wipro is adapting its key applications including Heat heavy equipment and asset tracking and SmartMining to market jointly with AT&T. Wipro is also an early adopter of and participant in AT&T’s cloud based fully managed time-series data storage services.
AT&T and Numerex are developing oil and gas products to optimise oil and chemical distribution and remote site equipment monitoring leveraging the M2X platform.
The company also unveiled a beta version of AT&T Flow Designer at the summit’s hackathon. Developed at the AT&T foundry innovation centre, Flow Designer is a cloud-based visual development tool aimed at speeding the development time required to build new IoT applications. Typical IoT-focused applications can be complex as they require integrations at the device, network and application layers. Together, the M2X and Flow Designer relieve the enterprise developer of many of these complexities – all in a scalable, reliable and highly secure environment.
“You can really see the value of AT&T Flow Designer in a development sprint like the hackathon,” said Joe Bossalini, an AT&T product development engineer. “We had developers coming in with almost no IoT development experience and walking out 48 hours later with polished prototypes.”