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Jakarta launches smart city program

Iain Morris
December 23, 2014

Authorities in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta have launched a smart city program aimed at improving services for residents and local organizations.

According to a report from the Jakarta Post, a local newspaper, the administration has already introduced a smart city website and various smartphone apps for residents, civil servants and officials.

The website has been set up to use technology from Google Maps as well as a smartphone traffic application called Waze and is designed to help motorists plan journeys more efficiently.

Qlue, one of the smartphone apps developed as part of the program, lets users report incidents such as flooding, crime or fire to city officials, whose own CROP app enables them to respond.

According to the press report, civil servants and officials nearest to the reported incidents will be notified by means of their mobile devices and required to respond immediately.

The smart city website, meanwhile, will display information on Qlue and CROP and update this in real time.

It will also provide details of schools, community health centers, hospitals and restaurants and where they can be found.

Agus Bambang Setyowidodo, the head of the information and communications agency, has reportedly said the smart city program will support easier communications between residents and officials.

“Using these programs, we hope to optimize service for residents with the support of technology […] We urge all residents to participate in the Jakarta smart city program because your information is valuable to us,” he is quoted as saying by the Jakarta Post.

One apparent objective is to set up a new smart city unit within the Information and Communications Agency in 2015.

Employing at least 100 people – including civil servants as well as information and technology experts – the unit would be based in City Hall offices.

“In order to manage the website and application, we will form a Jakarta Smart City Unit, which will work under the Informations and Communications Agency,” Agus is reported to have said. “The new unit will officially work starting next year.”

Authorities also intend to integrate the smart city services with Jakarta Police’s Kring Reserse – another program that is supposed to help police respond to “potential” crimes more efficiently.
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