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Innovations launches wearable band for dogs

Iain Morris
December 17, 2014
Monitoring specialist Innovations has a fresh take on the wearables opportunity, having launched a new band aimed at dogs rather than people.

The Voyce band – as it is branded – will allow pet owners to keep track of the health and wellbeing of their canine companions, according to the company, which plans to begin shipping the device early next year.

Innovations (Chantilly, VA, USA) claims to have developed the Voyce band in partnership with biomedical engineers, dog experts and Cornell University, which maintains one of the top veterinary institutions in the US.

It is marketing the band as the “first comprehensive dog health and wellness monitoring and management system” and says it will help pets to live a longer, “more fulfilled” life.

The technology combines a wearable health monitor with a member portal that provides insight into the dog’s wellbeing.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of pet wellness and innovation with the launch of Voyce,” said Michael Stanfield, the chairman and chief executive of Intersections. “We are confident that Voyce will assist pet parents in improving the health and well-being of their closest friends and Voyce will be a leader in the growing wearable technology category.”

The band is designed to be work around a dog’s neck like a collar and does not require skin contact or prongs, says Innovations.

It also uses a “non-invasive, radio-frequency based technology” to monitor indicators such as resting heart and respiratory rates, sleep, rest, activity and calories burned.
The system can match data generated by the band with a pet’s profile and then pair it with content covering topics such as health, nutrition, training and behavior.

It also allows pet owners to set goals and reminders, including medication and appointment alerts, and to track various parameters to do with a dog’s health, including body mass index.

Voyce also comes with a “symptom checker” and a library of content on aspects of dog health.