Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

EcoSteer, HP to sell energy management to large organizations

Iain Morris
December 16, 2014

UK software player EcoSteer has formed a partnership with IT giant Hewlett-Packard aimed at addressing opportunities in energy management, public mobility and street lighting.

The tie-up will see HP (Palo Alto, CA, USA) and EcoSteer (Andover, UK) deliver industrial energy management services to large organizations.

EcoSteer, which specializes in developing energy and environmental software products, says that HP will start selling its software as a component of its Internet of Things (IoT) application portfolio.

EcoSteer will contribute its knowledge and expertise in dealing with proprietary interfaces and the complexity of different types of energy meters and sensors.

It also claims to have experience of processing in real time the large data streams these generate.

The companies say that one area of immediate and specific interest is in helping mobile network operators to manage their base stations.

Because there are so many base stations, they contribute significantly to an operator’s total energy consumption, but remain vital to continued operation and customer satisfaction.
They can also be located in remote or difficult-to-access sites, says EcoSteer.

HP’s communications and media solutions team is working with EcoSteer to meet the challenges the multi-site operation brings.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said EcoSteer chief executive Elena Pasquali. “While EcoSteer offers a cost effective approach that is well suited to mid-size companies, its scalability makes it the ideal platform for large scale, multi-site deployments.”

“With its strong industry knowledge and technology infrastructure, together with global delivery capabilities, HP is the ideal partner to support large companies in becoming more energy efficient and environmentally aware,” added Pasquali.

HP says that EcoSteer’s technology ideally complements its own expertise in this IoT area.

“Successful implementation of IoT applications requires expertise in several technology domains – sensors, software, connectivity, computer hardware – in addition to cost–effective ‘big data’ acquisition and management capabilities”, said Claus Hansen, HP’s global director of IoT. “EcoSteer complements HP cross-domain IT infrastructure products and capabilities with an enterprise grade, scalable, flexible software platform for energy efficiency monitoring – at consumer prices.”
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