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Big data potential of M2M to be realized in 2015: Vodafone

Iain Morris
December 4, 2014
The big data potential of M2M will be fully realized in 2015, according to a new set of predictions from Vodafone, which says the percentage of M2M adopters using analytics will rise from 75% today to 88% in the next three years.

According to Andrew Morawski, the head of M2M for Vodafone Americas, companies first implemented M2M to simplify processes but are now realizing the data generated by M2M technologies has enormous value in areas such as inventory management, sales forecasting and pricing.

While organizations are now including big data as an inherent part of their M2M strategy, they will need to invest in specialists with big data skills and address the privacy and security risks associated with storing large amounts of data, says Morawski.

The Vodafone (Newbury, UK) executive also expects the growing adoption of 4G to improve return on investment for many M2M services and to facilitate the introduction of new ones.

Companies today are using a range of technologies to connect M2M solutions, but the percentage relying on fixed-line connections will fall in the next few years as 4G costs tumble.

Mobile broadband technology will also make new kinds of applications practical and cost-effective across industries, including video-based security, in-vehicle information services, assisted living and m-health solutions.

Another of Morawski’s forecasts is that manufacturers and automotive companies will outperform earlier expectations as consumers begin to demand M2M services in new vehicles – from economy to luxury cars.

Crucially, Vodafone also believes that M2M standards will finally start to emerge from 2015, with the industry coming under pressure to put one industry-wide standard into action – whether by collaboration or by consumer choice.

While openness has been a positive factor up to this point, customers will be driven towards “future-proof” solutions that will not become obsolete due to differing protocols.
Industry leaders will have to work together or risk being left behind, warns Morawski.
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