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Honeywell, Matrix, Ibis to receive funding for smart grid services in Hawaii

Iain Morris
December 2, 2014

Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions, Matrix Energy and Ibis Networks are set to receive funding from Hawaii Energy for the introduction of new smart meter-based services in Hawaii.

The companies have emerged as winners from Hawaii’s first energy efficiency auction – launched in August this year – and will receive up to $1.96 million in “incentive funding”, according to Hawaii Energy, which manages Hawaii’s conservation and efficiency program.

The companies have indicated they plan to help small businesses, restaurants, residents in smart metered neighborhoods and educational institutions to save energy.

Organizations participating in the auction were required to submit qualified energy efficiency applications to receive funding for residential and commercial projects.

Hawaii Energy (Honolulu, Hawaii) says that four applications have been selected to receive funding, although it has provided details of only three.

It reckons the projects it has chosen could save more than 8.14 million kilowatt hours during the first year, with estimated energy savings of more than $2.03 million.

The companies will provide energy savings benefits to electric ratepayers in Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties, with projects to be completed by May 2015.

Hawaii Energy has also indicated that it is evaluating several of the applications not selected for auction funding and may provide other financial incentives to some of these.

“The response for this first-ever energy auction was tremendous,” said Ray Starling, program director for Hawaii Energy. “We received more than 60 applications that identified unique opportunities to install energy efficiency upgrades.”

“It was incredibly difficult for the program to narrow down the selection,” he added. “However, in the end the applications that were chosen addressed the greatest immediate needs and opportunities to save energy spanning various industries in Hawaii.”

Providing specific details about some of the auction winners, Hawaii Energy said that Honeywell (Morristown, NJ, USA) would provide residents of Moanalua and Pearl City with information about how to use their smart meter web portal to track energy usage, and also provide commercial energy users in Hawaii with smart thermostats and applications that provide information on thermostat settings and energy usage.

Matrix, meanwhile, is to offer turnkey energy efficiency technologies to commercial ratepayers, such as hotels and motels, retail stores, fitness centers and restaurants.

Ibis (Santa Clara, CA, USA) has indicated that it plans to reduce energy consumption at three colleges severing more than 30,000 students annually.

The University of Hawaii institutions will be able to reduce plug load energy consumption, increase machine and electronic operational efficiency and find new ways of reducing peak hour demand as a result of the Ibis technology.
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