Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telkomsel to ramp up IoT capabilities in Indonesia with Jasper

Iain Morris
November 27, 2014
M2M platform player Jasper has teamed up with Indonesian mobile operator Telkomsel on the launch of Internet of Things services.

Telkomsel (Jakarta, Indonesia), which claims to be the world’s sixth biggest mobile operator in terms of customer numbers, will make use of Jasper’s IoT service platform to help Indonesian businesses enter the IoT market.

The news comes about a year after Telekomsel first announced a partnership with Jasper (Mountain View, CA, USA) aimed at speeding up M2M service deployments for enterprise customers in Indonesia.

At the time, Telkomsel indicated that M2M services could be of particular benefit in the retail, consumer electronics, automotive telematics, utilities and healthcare markets.

Telekom had already claimed to serve about one million M2M customers, saying it expected the figure to grow “in parallel with the increasing trend among Indonesians towards a digital lifestyle”.

The new agreement between Jasper and Telkomsel will give the operator a turnkey solution for its customers that can easily be configured to meet the specialized needs of companies in any industry, Telkomsel said.

Taking advantage of its M2M Control Center, Telkomsel says it will be able to offer customers real-time visibility, control and other capabilities, including mobile service management, real-time support diagnostics, billing and business automaton.

“The IoT market is growing at an exponential rate,” said Cindy Patterson, Jasper’s chief revenue officer. “The Indonesian market in particular is showing tremendous potential with initiatives taking off in the automotive, finance and utilities sectors.”

“The rate at which the market is growing means enterprises need to act quickly,” she added. “Telkomsel is leading the way in providing its enterprise customers with an IoT solution that will enable them to accelerate their time to market with new connected service business models.”

Telkomsel said that working with Jasper would give it all the resources required to help its customers launch new connected service businesses.

“The Jasper platform not only automates delivery and management of mobile services to all types of devices, it also makes it possible for us to help our customers increase service reliability, lower operational costs, and easily scale their device deployments both in Indonesia and on a global scale,” said Edward Ying, the director of planning and transformation for Telkomsel.
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