Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

TeliaSonera to introduce "M2M-in-a-box" service in early 2015

Iain Morris
November 27, 2014
Sweden’s TeliaSonera has unveiled plans to introduce an “M2M-in-a-box” service that will give business customers everything they need to develop their own M2M capabilities.

The operator said the new service would be of value to organizations in a variety of industries when it becomes available in the Nordic and Baltic markets early next year.

Based on cloud computing systems, it will include sensors that can be used to connect everything from buildings and shops to vehicles and machinery, said TeliaSonera (Stockholm, Sweden).

Customers will also be able to manage the service using a web interface.

TeliaSonera reckons that around 70 million “things” will be connected to the internet in the Nordic region alone by 2017 and says that businesses and government are now “scrambling to understand and explore the opportunities of a connected society”.

However, deploying M2M service can be a complex and resource-demanding process that requires organizations to work with several different companies and technologies to achieve a working solution.

Its aim is to remove those obstacles and help organizations to connect their operations in a straightforward manner.

“M2M-in-a-box is a horizontal service that includes everything businesses and organizations need, regardless of which industry they’re in and what size they are, to start exploring the opportunities of m2m and IoT, improving productivity, efficiency and innovation,” said Hans Dahlberg, the vice president and head of TeliaSonera Global M2M Services.

“The service offers a transparent and predictable business model and is easy to set up and use, whether you are a grocery store that wants to keep food fresh by making sure refrigerators are sufficiently cool or if you’re a municipality making sure all roads get plowed during winter by equipping the snowplows with sensors that track their movement,” he added.

Providing details about the specific features of M2M-in-a-box, TeliaSonera said it would include all the necessary hardware – such as sensors for collecting data from machines – as well as the web user interface and supporting technologies.

This will allow users to set rules for data and generate alerts – for instance, instructing a connected fridge to send a text message to a smartphone when the temperature reaches a certain level.
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