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Cytta and Connectyx team up to boost remote monitoring take-up

Iain Morris
November 26, 2014

Cytta and Connectyx say they are joining forces to support the adoption of remote monitoring technology in the healthcare sector.

The tie-up will see Cytta (Las Vegas, NV, USA) integrate its remote monitoring platform with the MedFlash portal, applications and services developed by Connectyx (Stuart, FL, USA).

The integrated MedFlash/Cytta system will be marketed by Connectyx to doctors who want to access current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for remote monitoring of chronic conditions.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have included provisions in the 2015 Medicare physician fee schedule for remote chronic care management using the new CPT code of 99490, with a monthly unadjusted non-facility fee of $42.60.

Meanwhile, CPT code 99091 allows providers to be reimbursed by Medicare for remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions through a monthly unadjusted non-facility fee of $56.92.

Using the integrated system from Cytta and Connectyx, doctors will be able to charge for care using the new billing codes while providing access to care services and remote monitoring for their chronic patients.

MedFlash comprises a personal health and wellness portal that provides access to emergency medical profiles and personal health records in the even to an accident or medical emergency.

It also offers lifestyle and wellness features that provide health benefits to members.

Thanks to the partnership between the two companies, MedFlash will become available on Cytta’s open source smartphone, which is designed to transmit data automatically, securely and with complete privacy.

When combined with Cytta’s technology, MedFlash will also automatically populate readings taken from Bluetooth wireless medical peripherals.

The Cytta system will additionally provide doctors with real-time medical peripheral readings from their patients and trigger alerts when patient readings are outside an acceptable range.

Cytta and Connectyx claim their partnership will mean that all information important to patients will be kept in one place and instantly accessible when needed.
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