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Sleep apnea monitoring service from Orange, Weinmann trumps rival offers: Frost & Sullivan

Iain Morris
November 26, 2014

An integrated telemonitoring solution for sleep apnea patients developed by Orange Business Services and Weinmann could have a transformative impact on the market, according to Frost & Sullivan, given its use of open source technology rather than the proprietary systems used by other players.

The research company has singled out the homecareONLINE service for praise in its latest assessment of the market.

“By enabling competitors to send data to its universal web portal so that all connected systems in the healthcare environment can be integrated, the Orange/Weinmann collaboration delivers holistic infrastructure service to healthcare customers,” Shruthi Parakkal, a research analyst with Frost & Sullivan.

The service collects clinical data on sleep patterns using the positive airway pressure devices developed by Weinmann (Hamburg, Germany).

Data from these devices is then sent using M2M modules, and hosted on Orange’s cloud computing platform, which is geared up to meet the stringent regulatory requirements around healthcare data hosting.

The service has two critical components, says Frost & Sullivan – a mobile terminal that communicates with the PAP device and a modem that sends information on sleep patterns to the Orange cloud once a day.

Home care providers can access this information through a patient web portal or using Orange’s cloud platform.

Frost & Sullivan says a key advantage of the technology is that it allows end users to access all data from a single portal instead of having to log in to the portals of several device makers.

“The core value of homecareONLINE is that it is an open solution, while many other market participants employ proprietary solutions,” said Parakkal.

Besides allowing providers to remotely manage their patients, the homecareONLINE service helps to keep a lid on the costs of chronic disease management with its reimbursement engine.

The feature – while specific to the French market – is flexible and scalable enough to be customized for any regional market within a short scale-up time, says Frost & Sullivan.

Weinmann is planning to add a ventilation device to the service, while Orange (Paris, France) and Weinmann hope to extend homecareONLINE to other stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including government agencies and regulatory authorities.
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