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CalAmp begins shipping trailer tracking unit for oil and gas industry

Iain Morris
November 26, 2014

M2M player CalAmp has begun shipping a new trailer tracking unit aimed at monitoring the status and location of vehicles and other mobile assets in the oil and gas industry.

The company has also revealed that fleet management specialist Masternaut (Aberford, UK) will be one of the first companies to receive the TTU-330 device as part of its recently announced expanded supply agreement with CalAmp (Oxnard, CA, USA).

CalAmp says the product is rugged enough to meet stringent environmental and operational demands in the oil and gas industry, and will also deliver the data needed to comprehensively track and manage a broad set of high-value mobile assets.

The TTU-330 device is intended for use in hazardous environments and comes with “high-sensitivity” GPS functionality for more reliable tracking.

It also includes support for a range of cellular standards, including GSM/GPRS, HSPA and CDMA, meaning it can be used in various regions of the world.

CalAmp says the device includes an integrated rechargeable battery with an intelligent power management system.

Those will ensure the service is operational with efficient battery charging while operating on vehicle power, and also guarantee “uninterrupted connectivity” when detached from the tractor and vehicle power is no longer available.

Customers are able to configure the intelligent wireless tracking unit to report and behave differently when under vehicle or battery powered scenarios, and it is compatible with both 12- and 24-volt systems, making it ideal for both light and heavy-duty vehicle applications.

A triple-axis accelerometer, meanwhile, will detect movement to provide an extra measure of awareness, security and application.

“CalAmp has been supplying wireless telematics devices to Masternaut since early 2013 for various applications deployed throughout Europe,” said Martin Hiscox, Masternaut’s chairman and chief executive. “Now integrated with Masternaut’s Connect asset and vehicle management telematics platform, the TTU-330 is the first product that can be used to remotely monitor and comprehensively manage assets located in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.”
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