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Massachusetts school takes fleet management service from LoJack, TomTom

Iain Morris
November 26, 2014

An independent school in Massachusetts is hoping to save time and cost on transporting students to various activities through the use of fleet management technology developed by LoJack and TomTom.

Brooks School in North Andover is to use the technology across its private fleet of vehicles, which are used to ferry students to and from school and to activities off-site.

The service includes tools that will help Brooks to improve driver and passenger safety, better navigate traffic routes and bolster operational efficiencies through digitized reports.

“Nothing is more important than the well-being of our students and with the LoJack [Canton, MA, USA] Fleet Management solution in place, we are confident our drivers will feel empowered to safely operate our vehicles, enhancing the quality of safety and service we offer our students and their families,” said Dean Ellerton, the director of operations at Brooks School.

“In addition to the improved safety measures, we’ll also see reduced fuel and maintenance costs through the operational efficiencies LoJack’s telematics solution will provide,” added Ellerton.

The LoJack and TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands) service comes with an Active Driver Feedback feature, providing real-time feedback when it senses unsafe driving methods, such as speeding or harsh braking.

It also incorporates a customized web interface for fleet managers as well as customized reporting methods.

The companies say that the delivery of timely and accurate data – like preventative maintenance alerts – will allow the school to stay on top of regular vehicle maintenance needs and result in significant savings.

Meanwhile, access to the TomTom Traffic service will provide drivers with accurate and comprehensive traffic data for calculating a faster route to a driver’s destination.

Such features can help Brooks to reduce its carbon footprint by improving gas mileage, cutting out on driving habits that result in wasted fuel and providing instant routing and accurate mapping to reduce travel times.

“Having the ability to improve safety measures is important for any fleet, but especially critical for an active institution like Brooks School where they are constantly transporting students to-and-from daily activities,” said Joe Castelli, the vice president of fleet and commercial operations at LoJack. “We’re pleased to provide the technology and services to help Brooks School improve safety measures, as well as to streamline operations by extracting real-time data so that they can more efficiently deploy their vehicles.”
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