Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sigfox certifies Atmel SoC for use on its network

Iain Morris
November 20, 2014
Chipmaker Atmel says one of its devices has been certified for use on the network of Sigfox, the French company that is positioning itself as an Internet of Things specialist.

The ATA8520 system-on-chip (SoC) has been designed to support the use of long-range, low data rate and energy efficient IoT services and is the first SoC that Sigfox (Toulouse, France) has certified.

The companies say their partnership will support the introduction of a wide array of IoT applications, including environmental sensors, smart meters, patient monitors, security devices and street lights.

Sigfox’s network is already up and running in a number of European countries and the operator plans to start deploying it in the US later this year.

It has been engineered specifically to support long-range and small-message device communication, says Sigfox.

Both companies claim their technologies will dramatically lower device costs, service costs and power consumption compared with traditional cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The aim is to eliminate cost barriers and battery service life constraints for connected device deployment.

“As a leader in the microcontroller, security and IoT market, Atmel [San Jose, CA, USA] is committed to enabling IoT developers to bring their Sigfox connected devices quickly to market with Atmel's Sigfox-certified and cost optimized solutions,” said Matthias Kaestner, the vice president of Atmel’s radiofrequency and automotive business.

“The new Sigfox-certified Atmel ATA8520 SoC further strengthens our position as a leading supplier of wireless solutions for smart energy, connected home and other monitoring and control applications for the Internet of Things,” he added.

Sigfox said the continuing global rollout of its network would depend on the availability of SoCs such as that developed by Atmel.

“Atmel’s solution delivers the industry-leading RF performance, low-power consumption and low-cost operation that our customers require,” said Stuart Lodge, Sigfox’s executive vice president of global sales.
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