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Logistics player TouchStar joins Verizon Partner Program

Iain Morris
November 19, 2014

Logistics software player TouchStar has become the latest member of Verizon’s Partner Program, saying the move will allow it to add M2M data communications to its product suite.

The company provides a range of telematics, fleet management and mobile workforce management services to organizations in various sectors, allowing customers to automate field processes and receive critical business data.

Membership of Verizon’s program will let TouchStar (Tulsa, OK, USA) take advantage of Verizon’s wireless network as well as the operator’s range of secure mobility, cloud, strategic networking and advanced communications platforms.

The company expects membership of the Verizon (New York City, NY, USA) program to open up new opportunities in “innovation, investment and business transformation” for its customers.

“Supporting our integrated solutions with the Verizon network and it’s well known coverage and reliability, will ensure TouchStar customers have a cost effective plan to capture and deliver their valuable business data from the field to their back office systems,” said Shelby Ahmann, the general manager of TouchStar Americas.

“Whether tracking fleet vehicles or automating delivery processes, consistent communication capabilities mean data can now be captured and communicated to the office faster than it has been in the past,” added Ahmann.

Verizon says its network resources will ensure that TouchStar can deliver data seamlessly and reliably.

“TouchStar operates a fast-moving global business where their communication and delivery of data are critical,” noted Kristi Crum, president of the South Central Region of Verizon Wireless.

Verizon says its Partner Program was set up to help businesses share expertise and solutions within a network of companies using Verizon’s wireless network.

Companies in the logistics sector are increasingly relying on the use of M2M technology to boost efficiency and productivity.

Using M2M technology, organizations can send and receive data gathered from equipment sensors over wireless connections, allowing them to monitor the status of machinery or vehicles and respond more quickly to signs of problems.
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