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Areva to partner with Semtech on inventory management service

Iain Morris
November 19, 2014

Power company Areva has revealed it is to use LoRa (long range) radiofrequency technology developed by Semtech to improve site management and asset tracking at industrial facilities.

The company will use the LoRa technology in its new generation of wireless smart sensor communications platforms, according to a statement issued by the companies.

The sensors are designed to provide “geolocalization” of equipment in complex industrial environments.

Areva (Paris, France) and Semtech (Camarillo, CA, USA) argue that increasing complexity and security concerns are leading to an ever-growing number of sensors in industrial facilities and that wiring new sites or retrofitting existing ones in not an option – in many cases – because of installation costs and extended operation downtime.

By connecting sensors and valves wirelessly, Areva hopes to reduce both cost and downtime.

“[This] is the way to go for next-generation industrial wireless monitoring,” it said in a statement.

Using the LoRa-based technology, Areva says it will be able to provide customers with solutions for managing sites in both normal and critical operations with unmatched performance and security.

The LoRa technology will support a range of sensor network applications, including wireless process control, sensor communication and asset tracking.

“Areva’s smart sensor solution is a real technological breakthrough in the field of wireless data transmission,” said Jean-Reynald Mace, the R&D manager at Areva. “It will transform and simplify the management of industrial sites by providing information in real-time to give operators a comprehensive vision of their assets.”

Semtech has also talked up the potential of the partnership with Areva.

“We are delighted by Areva’s decision to use our LoRa-based transceivers in their systems moving forward,” said Alain Dantec, the senior vice president and general manager of Semtech’s wireless, sensing and timing product group. Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wireless, Sensing and Timing Product Group. “Areva’s expertise and technical excellence combined with our superior technology will set a new standard in the market segments served by AREVA.”
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