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ASAP Systems develops asset-tracking service for schools

Iain Morris
November 19, 2014

Asset-tracking player ASAP Systems has developed a smart inventory system for tracking equipment used in schools.

The technology was designed for Matagorda County Educational Services in Texas and is designed to help the organization save time and money through automation of inventory management and record-keeping processes.

By using ASAP’s Passport technology in conjunction with a mobile barcode scanner, MCES has been able to more easily distribute and accurately track government-funded assistive technology assets throughout county schools.

“We wanted a system that could help us track the real-time location and cost of our assets, and how long they were kept within the district,” said Amanda Anderson, an autism specialist at MCES.

ASAP (San Jose, CA, USA) says its aim was to improve existing asset-tracking procedures so that MCES could easily and automatically determine the status of assistive technology loaned to special needs students.

MCES had more than 10,000 assets spread among 19 schools within five school districts, and the scale of its operations – combined with manual methods of record keeping – has contributed to the misplacement of roughly 7% of assets over the past few years.

The organization hopes to eliminate time-consuming searches for assets using the centralized Passport database.

“We wanted a system to work like a library system, yet not be an out-of-the-box library software,” said Anderson. “Passport gave us complete control with the ability to configure the system to our specific inventory needs, and not just the needs of a typical school library or librarian.”

MCES says it was able to further streamline its inventory operations with Passport by using barcode labels to uniquely number each device and collect inventory data.

Using barcodes, the organization could take advantage of Passport’s check in/out feature, giving it library-like functionality, as well as a reporting feature that lets it compile and share results of tracking efforts.
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