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Mobile technology boosts health of diabetes patients

Iain Morris
November 19, 2014

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and digital health player Voxiva say that use of connected health technology led to dramatic improvements in the health of diabetes sufferers during a six-month program.

The two organizations teamed up last year to help patients with Type 2 diabetes improve their health using mobile devices.

The ADA (Alexandria, VA, USA) has been offering Voxiva’s (Washington, DC, USA) Care4life diabetes self-management program to some 22,544 patients and says the results have been extremely positive.

Average glucose levels among patients dropped by 16% over the six-month period, while full medication adherence increased by 8%.

Meanwhile, weight loss averaged about 12 pounds and the number of days during which patients undertook exercise rose by 23%.

The program uses text messages, a mobile app, an online portal, personal health records and additional content to support user as they learn about diabetes and form healthy habits.

Care4life is intended to provide education, medication and appointment reminders, blood glucose tracking, weight and exercise goal setting and tracking, healthy recipes and nutrition tips and more.

“With nearly 30 million Americans currently living with diabetes, finding tools which help people more easily manage their diabetes is critical,” said Suzanne Berry, the interim chief executive of the American Diabetes Association.

“Offering Care4life, through our Living With Type 2 Diabetes Program, will provide a personalized resource for people living with diabetes so they can lead healthier lives,” she added.

Voxiva said the results from Care4life are consistent with those it is seeing in other programs – some of which have been trhogh formal clinical studies.

“While the results we are releasing today are based on self-reported data, the sample size and the volume of information that we analyzed points to the conclusion that this program is having a significant impact on the lives of many people that are learning to conquer their battle with diabetes,” said Justin Sims, Voxiva’s chief executive.
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