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Brazil's Nastek, Telit launch hybrid technology for "anywhere" connectivity

Iain Morris
November 13, 2014
Brazilian technology player Nastek has teamed up with module maker Telit on the launch of a device that combines a number of connectivity technologies to support the provision of M2M and other data services in various locations.

Branded the Datalink G5, the device will operate with GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS and other satellite technologies, making it ideal for connectivity in remote and inhospitable areas, such as jungles, deserts, mountains and polar regions.

The companies say the device can be connected to a solar cell to charge its internal battery and consumes very little power.

The device also features a built-in three-axis accelerometer, which lets users analyze movements or driving performance, a built-in SD card for telemetry and route storage, a dual SIM card to increase coverage and a built-in alarm.

Nastek (Sao Paolo, Brazil) claims this capability makes the Datalink G5 the “ultimate complete solution” for any kind of telematics and telemetry application.

The device has eight analog and digital inputs that can be used to read sensors as well as four digital outputs for monitoring telematics applications.

It can also be set up to create a Wi-Fi network so that PDAs, tablets and smartphones in the field can connect to it and exchange text messages and service orders.

“The Datalink G5 hybrid solution can be easily set up to meet each customer’s specific demands,” said Lauro Cruz, the director of technology for Nastek. “We’re convinced it is  a game changer for the data transmission, remote sensor monitoring and M2M market.” “Because of the Datalink G5 multiprocessor capabilities, it is possible to transmit data using one type of communication technology while at same time it searches signal for others,” added Cruz. “It automatically chooses the least expensive connection available at the moment”.

Telit (London, UK) says the device will offer all the resources a user needs for “any imaginable application”.

“Nastek is providing its customers a highly reliable device that can be used literally anywhere on the globe, no matter if it is a petroleum platform in the deep ocean, or a smart meter in your back garden,” said Ricardo Buranello, the vice president and general manager of Telit Latin America.
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