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Intel-GE launches remote patient monitoring service

Iain Morris
November 12, 2014

Intel-GE Care Innovations has launched a new telehealth service intended to simplify the use of remote patient monitoring technology and improve care within the home.

Branded Health Harmony, the new service is aimed at connecting patients with families and clinicians through an easy-to-use interface that allows users to share details of health data and best practices.

Care Innovations (Roseville, CA, USA) – a joint venture between chipmaker Intel and manufacturing giant GE – says it has worked on providing an enjoyable consumer experience rather than a complicated, overwhelming and off-putting set of boxes and wires that would discourage future use.

“Today, much of the care delivered post-discharge in the home is fraught with issues of compliance and medication adherence,” said Sean Slovenski, the chief executive of Intel-GE Care Innovations. “Care that is facilitated by a family caregiver has proven to be more effective than without a caregiver.”

“Studies have shown caregivers can play a vital role in ensuring their loved one’s health improves when moving from the hospital to the home if they have the right information at the right time to help their loved one,” he added.

The company says that when patients and caregivers are trained to take a more active role during care transition from the hospital to the home, fewer patients are re-hospitalized.

The Health Harmony service allows both patients and caregivers to receive interactive and evidence-based educational content as well as to securely send vital signs and other health information to clinicians.

The platform also lets family members monitor the health of their loved ones, and allows providers to capture daily vitals data and other information needed to manage care plans and medication adherence.

“The effort and resources that have traditionally been needed to deploy remote patient monitoring programs has limited adoption of this proven model and technology,” said Slovenski. “Health Harmony conquers this barrier by simplifying the implementation process and connecting the entire care team to better engage individuals in their health while providing clinicians unique access into the daily lives of their patients and the opportunity to intervene proactively, which is vital in improving care delivery and outcomes.”
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