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Sentrian raises $12 million for healthcare technology development

Iain Morris
November 12, 2014

Mobile health player Sentrian says it has raised $12 million from a group of investors and plans to use the funding to support the development of remote patient monitoring technology.

Sentrian (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA), which claims to the be the world’s first “remote patient intelligence company”, says that Reed Elsevier Ventures, Frost Data Capital and Telus Ventures all participated in the latest funding round.

“Millions of unnecessary hospitalizations that endanger patients and cost tens of billions of dollars every year could be avoided if we could spot deterioration in patients” health earlier using remote patient monitoring analytics,” said Dean Sawyer, the co-founder and chief executive of Sentrian.

“Our platform leverages the exponential growth in biosensors and machine-learning and is intended to detect the subtle signs that warn of an impending problem before the patient becomes acute and requires hospitalization,” he added.

Reed Elsevier, one of Sentrian’s investors, says the company’s analytics platform stands out for taking advantage of “multivariate remote patient monitoring sensor data at scale”.

“There is an extraordinary opportunity and need today to apply exponentially accelerating advances in biosensor technology and human-augmented machine learning to finally make remote patient management an affordable and effective reality for patients, payers and providers alike,” said Jack Kreindler, Sentrian's chief medical officer.

“Sentrian is turning the unprecedented stream of data from remote sensors into foresight and intelligence, bridging the chasm between patients at home and providers in clinics and hospitals – transforming the very way medicine manages disease, and helping to solve a grand challenge in healthcare," he added.

Sentrian’s platform is currently undergoing tests by large health insurance companies in controlled studies that involve thousands of patients, said the company, which expects to announce the results of these studies in 2015.
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