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Nautilus integrates devices with Apple HealthKit

Iain Morris
November 12, 2014

Fitness products maker Nautilus says it is engineering its devices to use Apple HealthKit technology,

The company now claims that its Bowflex Max Trainer product will synch with Apple HealthKit and it is working to ensure the Nautilus cardio product line does so before long.

Apple’s (Cupertino, CA, USA) recently launched healthcare software allows users to keep fitness and health information in one place and view details of vital signs during exercise, including calories burned, heart rate and distance covered.

However, Nautilus (Vancouver, WA, USA) also plans to integrate its technology with a range of other digital health and fitness platforms in the coming months.

“As one of the first fitness equipment companies to support Apple HealthKit, Nautilus, Inc. continues to lead the category by offering the latest health and fitness tools to help consumers achieve their fitness goals,” said Rob Murdock, the vice president and general manager of Nautilus. “Studies prove that digital connectivity and the ability to track progress play a critical role in keeping people motivated and engaged.”

“We are dedicated to leveraging these tools and engaging consumers to better understand and manage their health and fitness,” he added.

Bowflex already lets users track workouts with an app that will send workout data to other devices wirelessly using Bluetooth Smart technology.

The system can track a range of statistics and will now automatically synch this data with the Apple HealthKit technology.

A free online dashboard also allows users to view workout results and understand how these are having an impact on their overall fitness.

Nautilus claims that more than 36,000 workouts and nearly 9,000 workout hours have been tracked using the app in the nine months it has been on the market.

Its Nautilus Trainer app lets users tailor goal-setting and track metrics based on personal preference and also provides real-time coaching advice to monitor progress during a workout.

Users are also able to synch, record and store every workout for quick reference using the Apple Health app and then share results with friends and family through a variety of social media channels.
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