Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

SAP unveils Connected Logistics software for IoT applications

Iain Morris
November 12, 2014

German software giant SAP has unveiled three new products for use in the Internet of Things area, including a set of logistics software that is intended to support the monitoring of traffic within and around transportation hubs, such as ports.

The Connected Logistics software can be integrated with existing transportation management systems, says SAP, and is intended to improve the efficiency of traffic management and logistics operations.

SAP (Walldorf, Germany) has also announced a Predictive Maintenance service and a Connected Manufacturing application.

All three new products will take advantage of SAP’s HANA cloud platform for advanced capabilities like in-memory computing and complex event processing.

SAP says that as part of this initiative another 500 developers will be assigned work on various IoT initiatives.

Discussing the Connected Logistics service in more detail, the company indicated that customers would be able to use it in conjunction with its recently announced AR warehouse picker mobile app, which allows users to make use of wearable technology devices – such as smart glasses – for a “complete hands-free operation”.

The Connected Logistics service has already won plaudits from Hamburg Port Authority.

“For Hamburg Port Authority, the advantage is smooth traffic at the port and increased container turnover,” said Sascha Westermann of operational IT traffic management for Hamburg Port Authority. “We want to use SAP HANA cloud platform at its full scope.”

“What fascinates me most about the project is its power of innovation and the collaboration with strong partners,” added Westermann. “SAP helps Hamburg Port Authority run better.”

SAP’s Predictive Maintenance service is aimed at helping users to predict malfunctions before they occur, and works by analyzing a range of historic and sensor data generated by machines.

The Connected Manufacturing application, meanwhile, analyzes manufacturing data to improve efficiency and achieve “higher asset utilization”, says SAP.

“The Internet of Things will be the key enabler of industry scenarios and of innovations in the digital economy,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products & Innovation. “It is converging our digital and physical worlds, which will spur new products and services, and even change business models.”

“The Internet of Things has the potential to dramatically improve responsiveness of businesses, reimagine customer experience and open up new opportunities and brand new business models such as move from sell-to-service based models,” he added.
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