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TankLink launches tank monitoring service for oil and gas, chemical industries

Iain Morris
November 12, 2014

Remote inventory management player TankLink has launched a new wireless monitoring service for the oil and gas and chemicals markets.

The technology runs over 3G and 4G networks and will allow tank operators to monitor chemicals in vented and unvented storage tanks and access important data regardless of the tank’s location.

TankLink (Chicago, IL, USA) says the domed form factor of the TankLink 95 – as the product is branded – makes it ideal for monitoring stackable tanks, totes and shipping containers, and houses the electronics in a portion of the device that is recessed within the tank.

The TankLink 95 also comes with GPS functionality so that details of asset location can be sent to operators and plant managers on a regular basis.

The GPS technology also allows firmware updates to be carried out ‘over the air’.

“We listened to the needs of chemical industry leaders and are pleased to have developed… [a] monitoring device in a form factor as sleek and unobtrusive as the TankLink 95,” said Pat Barron, the vice president and general manager of TankLink.

“Now… plant operators can help maximize employee safety and monitor tanks in hazardous locations remotely for critical level, location, daily usage history information and more, without actually being in those hazardous areas.”

TankLink says the new product will comply with all safety regulations in industrial plants and other areas where there is clear potential for fires and explosions.

The company says its range of inventory management services are intended to provide round-the-clock information needed for “efficient and cost-saving replenishment decisions”.

It is already working with a number of suppliers, distributors and production managers to increase operations productivity and effectiveness, and monitors various types of bulk inventory on thousands of tanks in the US and other countries.
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