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Verizon tie-up with Greenwave has smart home potential

Iain Morris
November 6, 2014
Verizon’s latest agreement to use a router supplied by Greenwave Systems suggests it may have a new smart home service in the works.

Earlier this week, the US operator revealed that FiOS broadband customers hungry for additional services can now order a its FiOS Quantum Gateway, which is capable of supporting connection speeds of up to 800Mbps.

Verizon (New York City, NY, USA) claims the hardware – which was developed by Internet of Things specialist Greenwave Systems (Irvine, CA, USA) – is the most powerful router currently available.

“We are all bringing more Internet-connected devices into our homes and businesses,” said Guru Pai, Verizon’s senior vice president and chief product officer. “The FiOS Quantum Gateway router enhances our customers’ ability to do everything they want – simultaneously stream videos, download and upload photos, support multiplayer gaming, and use multiple devices and enjoy content from anywhere in the home.”

Besides operating over Wi-Fi technology, the router can also be made compatible with the Zigbee standard – via an expansion port – which is commonly used to support Internet of Things applications in home environments.

Verizon is pitching the router as a way for customers to use higher-speed and more advanced services in the home, but it may also be looking to introduce smart home services that would allow it to better compete against AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA), which has stolen the initiative in this area.

Those services might include intelligent lighting systems, allowing customers to program lighting controls remotely, or security technologies that could trigger alarms if a door or window is opened when residents are supposed to be out of the property.

Verizon makes no mention of smart home services in its statement about the tie-up with Greenwave Systems, but Martin Manniche, Greenwave’s chief executive, has promised that “more innovations” will follow as he develops the relationship with Verizon.

“We have created a service experience that benefits FiOS customers and tangibly demonstrates Verizon’s commitment to providing the best home-technology experience and solutions,” he said. “Today’s consumers are moving beyond connecting only their smartphones and tablets to the Internet.”

They want all the things in their lives to seamlessly interact in ways that will help them achieve a truly smart, connected lifestyle,” added Manniche. “The FiOS Quantum Gateway gives FiOS customers flexibility and freedom in the home or business environment, with a wireless connected experience that rivals wired services.”
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