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Road King uses Telit to speed up ready-mix concrete deliveries

Iain Morris
November 5, 2014

Fleet management player Road King Technologies is using technology supplied by Telit to speed up the supply of materials in the ready-mix concrete industry.

The company is making use of modules from Telit (London, UK) in its tracking units to ensure that deliveries are more efficient.

The delivery of concrete can be very problematic, with route optimization absolutely critical once a truck has been loaded.

Mixer trucks need to prevent hardening and rely on more moving parts than most fleet vehicles – which means there are more parts to maintain in proper working order.

Besides all that, organizations like Road King (Montreal, Canada) also have to contend with the usual fleet-management concerns of safety, driver behavior and fuel optimization.

Telit claims its modules will support both local and wide area connectivity for Road King’s customers.

Using Telit modules to monitor each mixer, Road King has been able to develop a suite of cloud-based data collection, visualization and data-archiving tools.

Thanks to the M2M technology, customers have been able to cut down on truck usage, improve driver reliability and increase efficiency.

“The Telit HE910 cellular module helps us deliver critical fleet data to the cloud and provides an easy upgrade and expansion path to grow our business, while the JF2 gives us accurate location data at very tight intervals,” said Harry Marks, the president of Road King. “As a result, we’re able to give our customers a competitive edge with unparalleled insight into their vehicles, water usage, quantity control, dispatch wait times and more.”

According to Telit, Road King has been able to develop a “purpose-built solution for concrete logistics” through the use of M2M technology.

“They [also] continue to uncover hidden values from the data they collect – whether that’s identifying underperforming or noncompliant drivers or protecting their clients against legal claims,” said Mike Ueland, the president of Telit Americas.
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