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LoJack, TomTom launch telematics service in Canada, Mexico

Iain Morris
November 5, 2014

Fleet management players LoJack and TomTom have teamed up on the launch of a GPS-based telematics service in Canada and Mexico.

The availability of the service means that companies with multinational fleets can now track and manage vehicles throughout the entire North American region.

“In this modern economic landscape, we recognize that our customers need a time- and money-saving solution for their local or multi-national fleets that operate in North American countries on a regular basis,” said Joe Castelli, the vice president of fleet operations for LoJack (Canton, MA, USA). “LoJack Fleet Management powered by TomTom [Amsterdam, Netherlands] is an innovative and groundbreaking product for companies that require a fleet management solution to operate their business across North America.”

LoJack says the service it is providing in partnership with TomTom can help fleets to reduce fuel consumption, streamline job scheduling and reduce unnecessary mileage.

The aim is to improve overall productivity and reduce costs by providing a number of features, including instant routing, real-time traffic information, preventative maintenance alerts and real-time tracking.

Using preventative maintenance, fleet managers can stay on top of regular vehicle maintenance needs and massively reduce costs, says LoJack.

Meanwhile, the availability of a real-time tracking and tracing service would let managers obtain insight on mobile worker and route optimization.

LoJack’s original focus is on fleet protection, but it sees the partnership with TomTom as part of a wider strategy to expand into new areas such as recovery and management.

It now claims to have helped “more than nine million people” protect their vehicles in the even of theft over the past 25 years.
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