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Crawford County takes fleet management service from thingtech

Iain Morris
November 5, 2014

Authorities in Crawford County, Georgia, have been using vehicle and asset tracking technology developed by thingtech to improve fleet management operations.

The technology – branded tracIT – uses devices that are installed in County vehicles and capable of tracking their location and status.

Those devices are capable of sending data and notifications to managers who can then make improvements to decision-making processes based on the information they receive.

“We are very excited to partner with Crawford County leadership and staff to help improve fleet and asset tracking and utilization,” said Brian Corcoran, the president of thingtech (Atlanta, GA, USA). “We’re excited that our solution will play a role in streamlining service delivery for residents of Crawford County.”

Crawford County figures say they replaced an existing GPS solution with the tracIT technology because of its flexibility and functionality.

The technology not only provides GPS vehicle tracking, telematics and a work order system in one, but also allows customers to streamline existing cost allocation processes to determine how much and where the County is spending money to maintain property.

Users of the thingtech platform can also combine a location-based system with other business needs and processes, giving it additional value beyond standard GPS systems, claims the company.

“thingtech understood that we didn’t just want a GPS system – it had to provide more value for us to make the switch,” said Pat Kelly, Crawford County manager. “We now have better data, have reduced our costs, and will have full view of our operations and a sound system for making decisions.”

Thingtech has developed a range of services for use in vertical markets such as construction, interstate trucking, local delivery, state and local government and public transport.
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