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Senscio and Ambio to develop remote patient monitoring service

Iain Morris
November 5, 2014

Healthcare technology player Senscio Systems has teamed up with device maker Ambio Health to provide remote patient monitoring services in patients’ homes.

The partnership between the two companies will see Senscio (Boxborough, MA, USA) “embed” Ambio’s (Stamford, CT, USA) wireless monitors in its IbisCare-branded care management platform, allowing users to routinely monitor their vitals while in the home environment.

IbisCare has been specifically designed for chronic care management and elderly patient care and includes a touchscreen device that will display a patient’s complete daily care plan, including details of meals, exercise, medications and self-checks.

Patients can also use the service to record details of their plan activities.

Moreover, the system will instruct users on how they should use monitoring technology whenever a health issue comes up.

The system will store any data it records in a web portal that patients – as well as caregivers and members of the clinical team – will be able to access.

Senscio also points out that its IbisCare analytics backbone will provide real-time insights into risk factors that can be used to develop support programs and improve the level of care offered to particular patients.

Ambio, meanwhile, says its lower-cost technology will make remote patient monitoring more affordable for moderate risk patients.

Using the functionality of that technology, patients will no longer have to manually record their health readings, it says, while clinicians will be able to avoid having to meet with patients in person, which can be costly.

Thanks to the wireless range of the Ambio technology, customers will be able to use connected devices stored in various rooms of the house without worrying about a loss of connectivity.

Readings will be sent automatically and become available soon after they have been taken.

Moreover, Ambio can be deployed in conjunction with electronic medical records and population health management systems when those are being used to manage patient care.

“We are delighted to be working with Ambio Health,” said Piali De, the chief executive and co-founder of Senscio Systems. “Many of our patients will benefit from the ease of measuring vitals through the use of Ambio’s devices.”

“Our goal is to help patients with chronic conditions to more effectively manage their own health in their own homes, while staying in close touch with their care teams,” added De. “We firmly believe that this will lead to improved outcomes and lower costs for the entire health system.”
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