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Proteus Digital Health launches biometrics patch for fitness monitoring

Iain Morris
November 5, 2014

Wellness monitoring specialist Proteus Digital Health is said to have launched a biometrics monitoring patch designed to help people recover more quickly recover from exercise.

According to a report from, the new patch will operate using a system branded Proteus Recover and measure a number of core metrics, including recovery times (based on heart rate variability during sleep), sleep duration, resting and average heart rate, and energy expenditure.

“Proteus Recover is the only system that supports the 24-hour optimization of athlete recovery and daily physiologic load,” Proteus (Redwood City, CA, USA) is reported to have said. “Understanding an athlete’s entire day and night will provide information to drive simple yet impactful changes, maximizing athletic performance.”

“The Recover product and associated wearable sensors is a consumer product and not a medical device,” Proteus is said to have added. “The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Proteus is already known for its development of a medication management and adherence system that includes a sensor-enabled pill.

The company raised some $52 million in funding earlier this year, according to, and is currently regarded as one of the best-funded companies addressing the digital health opportunity.

Proteus customers so far have typically comprised pharmaceutical companies using its technology in trials of new medications.

The patch, however, is aimed at the consumer market and should help to raise the company’s profile and make connected health technology more acceptable from a user perspective.

The technology could also prove popular among professional athletes who are increasingly turning to digital health technology to monitor their performance.
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