Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telefonica launches Lego-like consumer IoT product

Iain Morris
October 30, 2014
Spanish telecoms incumbent Telefonica claims to have launched the first-ever mainstream consumer product in the Internet of Things market.

Branded Thinking Things, the product is actually a set of low-cost components that consumers can use to connect almost any device to the internet by means of wireless technology.

The components include different sensors that will transmit data to the cloud but they can be used without the need for any programming knowledge or additional infrastructure, says Telefonica (Madrid, Spain).

Billing Thinking Things as a “plug-and-play” solution, the operator said it would allow users to develop their own smart solutions.

Telefonica intends to offer the Thinking Things equipment in different packs to meet different needs, and is beginning with a so-called Environmental Pack – available from €90 – that will let customers monitor temperature, humidity and light intensity remotely and in real time.

The operator has indicated that a range of additional modules are available, allowing consumers to keep track of other parameters, such as pressure, impact and presence.

Consumers can piece the Thinking Things components together simply fitting them on top of each other like pieces of Lego, said Telefonica.

The device will then automatically connect with the Thinking Things software platform in the cloud and begin to monitor defined parameters.

“This is a major step in Telefonica’s journey into the Internet of Things,” said Francisco Jariego, Telefonica’s director of industrial IoT. “Our aim is for Thinking Things to become an open ecosystem in which any object or device can be connected to the internet.”

The hardware for Thinking Things will operate on networks in Europe, the US and Latin America, said Telefonica.

An application programming interface is also available, allowing developers to create their own IoT solutions and give the modules additional possibilities.

Telefonica says Thinking Things represents an important part of its strategic investment in the IoT and M2M areas.
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