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Gemalto develops "emergency" connected watch with Limmex

Iain Morris
October 30, 2014
Hardware developer Gemalto is to provide M2M connectivity for a new emergency watch being developed by Swiss manufacturer Limmex with the support of mobile operator Swisscom.

The Limmex (Zurich, Switzerland) watch is aimed at supporting individuals with care or security needs, including children, VIPs, the elderly and those with health problems.

By pushing a button on the device, customers will be able to send an emergency call to friends or family members.

The products, however, look like traditional Swiss watches, with the watch face representing the emergency button that users will need to push.

The Limmex watches will also feature built-in microphones and loudspeakers so that users can communicate with emergency contacts they call.

Gemalto (Amsterdam, Netherlands) says it will contribute its machine identification module (MIM) and on-demand provisioning service towards the technology, removing the need for the manufacturer to create numerous device variants and profiles.

The aim is to simplify the manufacturing process, allowing devices to be connected to cellular networks in specific countries after they have been provided to customers.

In that way, says Gemalto, Limmex will be able to deploy a single product design across multiple markets “quickly and easily”.

“We work with multiple operators, producing different product variants for each country and region we serve,” said Martin Reber, Limmex’s chief executive. “With Gemalto’s solution, we can enjoy more efficient manufacturing, a streamlined supply chain, and the freedom to quickly and easily market our product worldwide.”

Swisscom says its M2M product portfolio gives customers and partners all the tools they need to develop regional and global M2M services.

According to Gemalto, the compact form of its MIM is ideal for space-constrained M2M applications and the consumer electronics sector generally.

“Our flexible subscription management solution can be tailored to meet any customer’s specific deployment needs, and is particularly well suited to the truly global, highly mobile Limmex product,” said Benoit Jouffrey, the vice president of on-demand connectivity for Gemalto.
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