Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sprint and Monnit offer monitoring service for businesses

Iain Morris
October 29, 2014

US mobile operator Sprint and sensor player Monnit have unveiled details of a new wireless service designed to help businesses remotely monitor their business facilities, processes and activities.

The service should allow plant managers and those in charge of other facilities to keep track of critical functions on a real-time basis and make improvements to logistics and other operational activities.

The technology uses sensors developed by Monnit (Midvale, UT, USA) and intended for use in commercial and industrial applications.

Those sensors can monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, access, motion, water, light, voltage and vibration.

The sensors can be connected to an online platform using a cellular gateway that has ben developed for Sprint’s network.

Monnit’s gateway will transmit data between the local sensor networks and the iMonnit online data monitoring system, which aggregates the sensor information and then sends notifications via text or email if user-defined conditions are met or exceeded.

“The affordability of this solution makes it practical for a business of any size to deploy,” said Brad Walters, the chief executive of Monnit. “The solution allows for instant creation of remote monitoring systems at offices, retail locations or other remote operations, avoiding the cost and time required to install traditional wired systems.”

“Monnit’s wireless sensing solutions are very versatile and expandable, so additional wireless sensors can be added as needed,” he added.

Sprint (Overland Park, KS, USA) says the combination of its network coverage with Monnit’s sensors and monitoring solutions will give businesses more flexibility and reliability in remotely monitoring mission-critical business applications.
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