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Commercial telematics subscriber numbers to hit 25 million this year: ABI

Iain Morris
October 29, 2014

The number of commercial telematics subscribers globally will reach nearly 25 million this year, according to the latest study from ABI Research.

Global commercial subscriptions are expected to increase at a dramatic rate from 2014 onwards, says ABI.

By 2019, reckons the market-research company, there will be three times as many telematics subscriptions as in 2014, with much of the growth expected to come from Asian and Latin American markets.

However, subscription numbers will also grow sharply in the Middle East and Africa, says ABI.

Although subscriber numbers in commercial telematics have recently “trundled along”, focusing largely on the North American and Western European markets, providers like Trimble (Sunnyvale, CA, USA), Telogis (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA) and TomTom (Amsterdam, Netherlands) are now turning their attention to new regions.

“In recent research interviews conducted with many of the leading telematics providers it was made explicitly clear that going forward Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East are strategic focuses for companies,” said Filomena Berardi, a senior analyst for ABI. “Many markets are recognized as being tough nuts to crack and in many cases there are a number of local players already present so the ambitions are not without risks.”

“The attraction to penetrating these markets lies in the huge volume potential and the genuine need for telematics to help resolve a catalogue of issues,” she added.
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